Grace to you and peace,

We start this week with updates on a number of our church family who have been afflicted with pestilences (okay that may be a little dramatic, but not by much) of various sorts, most of which seem to involve upper respiratory issues. Larry Kendrick, who spent a few day with the fine folks at Shelby Baptist, is now home and says he’s “feeling great!.” He sends his thanks for all the prayers. Sandra Vaughn is recuperating from pneumonia but reports she’s on the mend. Naomi, Katie and Robert have all had…well something unspecified but quite unpleasant…and seem to be on the upswing. Hopefully, all will be up and around by Sunday.

Speaking of this Sunday: We’ll gather following worship for an early summer fellowship luncheon and ice cream social. The church will provide Jim n Nick’s BBQ pork and chicken, baked beans, bread and iced tea. You bring your favorite summer side dishes…if that happens to be a deviled eggs or an awesome dessert we won’t complain.  Eddie Gilmore has pledged a couple of freezers of “Eddie’s Famous Frozen” homemade vanilla and peach ice cream.

Now through July 16Th we’ll be collecting canned goods in support of our Presbytery’s Pentecost Canpaign. Donations will help stock the pantries at Oak Mountain Mission and help get hungry families through the summer.  If you’d rather write a check than donate cans, that’d be great too…just write Canpaign in the memo section to let us know.

The RPC Session has committed $1500 of our annual mission budget to our Presbytery’s Habitat Home. We’re working with our friends at Edgewood PC to find a Saturday in September when we can show up on-site and actually help build the home. If you can swing a hammer, run a circular saw (or like yours truly who can barely turn a screw) follow instructions and carry stuff, we’d love to have you join us. Rather help out in a support role by providing lunch or hydration? That’s just as important. Stay tuned for details.

Lectionary readings for Third Sunday After Advent
Genesis 21:8–21; Hagar and Ishmael are sent away, but God remains with them.
Psalm 69:7–10; Zeal for your house consumes me; save me from my enemies.
(11–15) 16–18; Romans 6:1b–11 Crucified with Jesus, we are dead to sin and alive to God in Christ.
Matthew 10:24–39; Jesus says: Do not fear for your life; take up your cross and follow.

In addition to the folks mentioned above, please prays for those who remain on our prayer list: week: Andrea, Claude, Carol, Ervin, Jay, our two Jo’s (Baker and Weatherly), Lenora, Libby, Pam, Patti, Joyce, Stan, Betty, Reeta, Scott, and Shaun.  

Sunday, June 25th , Adult Sunday School, 9:30a

Sunday, June 25th Worship, 10:15a, Third Sunday After Pentecost

Sunday, June 25th, Fellowship Luncheon & Ice Cream Social, Following Worship